Milwaukee Casting Club Archery


Milwaukee Casting Club has three archery ranges:

  1. The Practice Range has 2 field-point-only targets utilizing The Block for backstops. There is also station for broad heads. Distances are marked from 10-50 yards.
  2. The 3-D course has 6 elevated stations with 2 deer targets at each in a wooded setting. Distances vary from 10 to 30 yards.
  3. The 2-D or Roving course has 12 stations with 4 targets at each. These targets also utilize The Block with an array of animal targets ranging from squirrels to elk. The course winds through the woods with a wide variety of distances and shooting angles.


Archery League begins in May and is $25.00 per person. If you have not shot in the archery league before, please shoot twice before May when the league starts and have two scores in for your average.

The archery league uses the Roving Course. It uses 2 person teams and is open to any member. Scoring is handicapped like bowling leagues. The league runs form May to September with 2 shoots per month. The shoot dates correspond to MCC business and social meetings.