Join the Milwaukee Casting Club

Join the Milwaukee Casting Club


MCC Membership Information

Anyone interested in becoming a member can start by attending a monthly business meeting and filling out a membership application form which is available from the President, Vice-President, or member of the membership committee and paying a $85 application fee for individual membership or $100 for a family membership.  Annual dues apply. 

In order to become a full member, each applicant must compile a total of 17 points and be sponsored by a club member or the membership committee. Points can be earned through a combination of any of the following activities:

1. Attending a monthly business meeting

2. Helping out on a scheduled clubwork day

3. Participating on a club committee

In addition to the membership fee, each member is required to sell $25 worth of raffle tickets for the Ice Fishing Jamboree and for the Annual Club Picnic.

Points are verified by the club President or Vice-President and will be recorded on the members application form. Once the necessary points have been compiled, the form is to be submitted to one of the club officers and the membership form will be voted on at the next board of directors meeting. The new member will then be sworn in and informed of club rules and regulations at the following business meeting.

MCC Logo Wear is available for purchase.

Steve Lazarczyk has found a vendor to supply the club with options for logo wear. Remember, Club Logo Wear can be worn in place of your member pin to avoid paying the ìquarterî for the button collection! All Shirts have Small Club Logo and Name.

All Jackets have a small club logo on the Front with Name and Full Club Logo on Back of Jackets. All Jackets will be in Black and Club Shirt and Sweatshirts will be Maroon.All Orders must have a 50% Down Payment when order placed.

Please make checks Payable to MCC. Send order from to Steven Lazarczyk-10106 W. Harrison Ave, West Allis, WI 53227.

Any questions please call 414-327-2199. If you need to try on a size, please call Steve as he has samples of all the sizes.

Additional questions? Please contact us

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